In Your Home
Combining leading medical sciences
with the latest technologies
for a longer, healthier life
Creating a Perfect Sleep
Using color changing LEDs, intelligent
climate control, EMF shielding and
automated shades and sound
Filtered and Optimized
Air & Water
Custom filtration for air, drinking and
bathing water, keeps your home pure
to help you look and feel your best.
Intuitive Automation
For Your Wellbeing
Lighting, shading, flitration, color and sound
optimized for your health and happiness
Keeping Everything In
Perfect Tune
Never worry about changing a filter again.
We're automatically notified when
any maintenance is required.
Bundled Packages
or Custom Solutions
We have tiered pricing and packages
to suit any client, budget or solution.




Custom automation, shading, color changing LEDs, sound proofing, EMF shielding and climate control create a personalized, ” ideal sleep” condition for you.

Breathe Well



As an EPA airPLUS partner, we provide sophisticated heating, cooling & ventilation systems  and use only safe construction materials to ensure mold, radon and other pollutants stay out.

Drink Well



Properly installed and maintained drinking and bathing filtration systems will effectively remove contaminants, chemicals and biological pathogens to ensure you look and feel your best.

Live Well



A Sane Home enables you to live healthier and longer through new building technologies and programs that connect body, mind and soul to nature through its elements – earth, water, air and fire.

Partners and Certifications